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What do we want to achieve with this workshop?

​We would like to identify what type of psycho-social support Melanoma patients would like to have and when, the type of support they indeed received and which types of support were the most useful to them.

This workshop is the kick-off event for what is later intended to become a working group on the same topic to 

  • identify and help to provide the needed support (e.g. information, online forums)
  • in the future draft MPNE recommendations what type of psycho-social support Melanoma patients should receive

About psychological distress

Psychological distress refers to the emotional behavior, cognitive and psychological reactions experienced when a person confronts a situation in which the demands exceed the coping resources.

How someone responds to stress depends on many factors, including the nature of the stress, the physical and emotional capabilities of the person, learned behaviours and early life experiences, general coping skills, social environment and biology.

Psychological distress can show as: excessive and ongoing worry, irritability, difficulty to concentrate, sleeping problems, lack of enjoyment, social isolation, loneliness and helplessness and physical symptoms like headache, nausea and heart palpitations.

Stephania Bassino

MPNE workshop 2014



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MPNE 2015

Annual conference

24th- 26th April 2015​

Boulevard Adolphe Max 98

1000 Brussels - Belgium

Psycho-Social support 

Workshop with Stefania Bassino

As many of us know from personal experience, a Melanoma diagnosis is not only a serious medical condition but comes with an enormous mental burden, both for the patient as well as family and friends.

Psychological and psycho-social distress can seriously affect the quality of life and make patients unable to e.g. look for and follow treatment options.

​Effective ways to deal with this life-altering situation are therefore essential for our patients but generally, there are no systematic provisions for general psychological or psycho-social support in Melanoma in place.​​