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Patients in the real world, however, look like this.

Tell us about your Melanoma

clinical trial experience

If you are a Melanoma patient or carer and you live in the European Union, we want to hear from you!

GetReal is a project that aims to develop ideas for new, alternative trial designs that better incorporate patient perspectives and real-world data (how a treatment works in real life, rather than in traditional clinical trials) into drug development. To do this, we need understand the experience of patients and carers with traditional clinical trials and ask for ideas about what could make trials better in the future.

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The Declaration of Helsinki 

Artikel 8 

'While the primary purpose of medical research is to generate new knowledge, this goal can never take precedence over the rights and interests of individual research subjects.'

We need patient-friendly trials that tell us as quickly

as possible whether new drugs work in patients like us-

but what should such a trial look like?  

The trials we want!

Have your say and tell us what your interests as research subjects are.

Thank you for sharing your experiences on Melanoma clinical trials and identifying what is patient-friendly- and what is not.

We greatly appreciate your efforts and the time you invest!


Patients in a randomized controlled trial*

MPNE workshop 2014

Patients in the real world- 'Real World population'*

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​Or rather, actually, like THIS!



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Being part of the solution- 

MPNE's mission is not only to identify problems within the European Melanoma community but to contribute to the solutions. We are therefore extremely proud for our network to participate in the GetReal project.

One idea behind GetReal is to look how to incorporate Real World Data in drug development and how it can contribute to decision-making.

Why does such a project matter for us Melanoma patients?

As many of us know, entering a Melanoma clinical trial can be tricky because of the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Patients for the usual clinical trials are selected to allow for easy comparison of how a new drug works as compared to the older one, that then looks like this: