Surviving Melanoma in Europe.  

Access to prevention, early detection and effective treatment for all.

MPNE 2016

​18th- 20th March 2016 in Leuven, Belgium

'Power to the patient. With great power comes great responsibility'​​


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MPNE autumn workshop 2015
27th- 29th November 2015, Krusenberg Herrgård, Sweden
'How to read Scientific papers' for Melanoma advocates.

​​Melanoma QuickStart Workshop
28th- 30th October 2015, Marseille, France
Introduction to Melanoma and advocacy for new European Melanoma advocates, in combination with a visit to the EADO congress in Marseille.

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MPNE autumn Workshop 2014
21st- 23rd November 2014 in Krusenberg Herrgård, Sweden
Project management for Melanoma Patient Advocates.


​​m-icab (now MPNE)/ ESO conference 2014

28th-30th March 2014, Brussels, Belgium

Patient participation in Melanoma clinical research

The clinical trials Melanoma patients want.


MPNE 2015

​24th- 26th April 2015 in Brussels, Belgium

'The risk of NOT taking risks in Melanoma'

What risk and benefit mean in advanced Melanoma.

Melanoma Patient Network Europe