in  the north of europe. 

11th- 13th October 2019 

Skeppet Ärans Väg 23, Nya Varvet, 426 71  Västra Frölunda
Gothenberg, Sweden


preliminary version

Friday, 11th October 

Nordics hubs meeting tbc

13.30- 15.00 QuickStart by your national Melanoma organisation
Introduction to the weekend in your own language

  • Melanoma basics
  • Introduction to the weekend and how do we in MPNE work

15.00- 16.00 Coffee and registration

16.00- 17.00  We in the Nordics opening session

Welcome to Gothenburg and motivation for the first Nordic Melanoma patient conference

MPNE nordics steering committee

Introduction to Melanoma 

Bettina Ryll
Know your Stage! 

Fredrik Östman

17.00- 18.30 The latest from ESMO 
Update about the latest developments in Melanoma- what does this mean for patients with Stage 4,3 or 2 Melanoma? Special focus on adjuvant treatments and novel combinations.

speakers tbc

19.00 Welcome reception with a twist and Dinner

Saturday, 12th October

9.00- 10.00  Session 1: Immune therapies 

How do Immune therapies actually work?

Response to immunotherapy- what influences response? What do we know about the role of the microbiome, nutrition, body weight?  And who responds? Why are biomarkers so important?

Managing immune therapy side effects

10.00-10.30 Session 2: Focus session: adjuvant versus neo-adjuvant treatment 

10.30- 11.00 Coffee 

11.00- 12.00 Session 3: Challenges in Melanoma 

When therapies fail- a patient perspective
Kristian Øye,
Intra-tumoral therapies

Marrius Normann, Norway tbc
Resistance to PD1
Special challenge: Brain mets 

12.00- 12.30 Session 4: Melanoma and genes
Familial Melanoma 

11.00- 12.30 Parallel session: ocular Melanoma 

12.40- 13.50 Lunch

14.00- 14.30 Melanoma & Men- short session 
Why do men with Melanoma seem to do worse?

Working groups: country-specific

14.30- 14.45 Introduction 
14.45- 15.30 Country-specific Group activity: how do new medicines reach patients in YOUR country? Prepare a 

Parallel session: ocular Melanoma in the Nordics

15.30- 16.00 Coffee and CAKE 🍰

16.00- 17.30 Access to new therapies in the Nordics- HTA, FINOSE

Accessing treatment abroad

Erik Näsman tbc

Access to clinical trials abroad- the Danish example

An introduction to Health Technology Assessment and the nordic collaboration

Niklas Hedberg tbc

EUPATI- learning about drug development
EUPATI history

Anders Olauson, former EPF president, tbc
EUPATI nordics

Mirjami Tran Minh, Kari Anne Fevang

17.30- 18.30 Exhibit your group work and win a prize

19.00 Dinner

Prize for the best exhibit
Kari Anne Fevang 

Sunday, 13th October

patient advocacy day- patient advocates only

9.00 - 10.30 Knowledge protects.

‘Fake news’ are a real danger for Melanoma patients- but finding correct information isn’t always easy. This session will explain the difference between real science and pseudoscience and how to check whether medical information is valid. And end with an MPNE tradition- a training on how to read scientific literature in the original!

Pseudoscience 15’
Fredrik Östman

How to read a scientific article 15’
Bettina Ryll
- Why should I read scientific literature in the original? 
- The MPNE cheat sheet to scientific literature

Group activity- read a Melanoma study

10.30- 11.00 Coffee

11.00 - 12.30 Making a difference for Melanoma patients

Panel discussion: looking at our challenges, what can we as network do? 

12.30- 12.45 next steps and conference closure

13.00- 14.00 Lunch and departure

We are looking forward to seeing you in October!


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Surviving Melanoma in Europe.  

Access to prevention, early detection and effective treatment for all.

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