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Melanoma Patient Network Europe


Eado 2019

QuickStart Learn&Share

for Melanoma advocates

24th- 27th April 2019

Paris, France

Melanoma advocate, want to learn as much as possible but not sure how to start?  

Join us for this QuickStart workshop for Melanoma patients and MPNE patient advocates before and around EADO 2019 and learn how to get the most out of a medical meeting and how to share your learnings with your networks. 


EADO is the annual meeting of the European Association of Dermato Oncology, the next meeting will take in Paris. 

We believe that the EADO meeting is the perfect meeting for people who have never attended a scientific meeting as it covers only skin cancers, mainly Melanoma. Size-wise it is less busy and overwhelming than congresses like ASCO or ESMO that cover all types of cancer and has a heavy focus on education.

Why this QuickStart?

Education is a critical part of our work as Melanoma patient advocates. Knowledge keeps patients safe and helps us to be constructive patient advocates.

We in MPNE have the ambition to educate at the highest possible level and that with the largest possible reach; this involves helping people to get started but also helping advocates to become better educators. 

We are a network of volunteers affected by Melanoma and our reach- and with that the number of Melanoma patients we can educate and protect- depends on the contributions of many. 

With this QuickStart we therefore want to support Melanoma patients and advocates who do not only want to learn for themselves but who have the ambition to share their knowledge.

So please make sure to spend enough time on that relevant part of your application! 

Who should apply?

We are looking for Melanoma patients/ carers who

1. are getting started with their advocacy activities and who maybe have never attended an international Melanoma meeting or who have been attending meetings for some time but still feel that they can't follow scientific sessions as well as they would like to


2. are not only learning for their own benefit but are passionate about educated patient forums. 

How will we select?

We unfortunately only have a limited number of fully-supported places (travel grant up to a maximum of 270 EUR, accommodation) available and these will therefore go to those less experience, so new and early hubs, and those who reach new/ large patient groups in need. Please note that this QuickStart fellowship is not intended for those with medical background as we expect those to already have a sufficient background. 

Applications are on an ongoing basis.

If you think this sounds like you- please apply  here



We will attend EADO together, with additional sessions prior and in 'the gaps' of the meeting to complement the learning.

Preparation is everything

Not new but still great: conference guide -
Jan Geissler’s slide ppt from EHA

Looking forward to seeing you for a successful QuickStart!

Bettina Ryll
Gilliosa Spurrier-Bernard
Violeta Astratinei

​Fredrik Östman

Organisers- MPNE