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Last update 5th October 2018 BR

Quickstart EADO 2019



for Melanoma advocates

24th- 27th April 2019

Paris, France



EADO Conference program

Combined EADO and Quickstart program

Wednesday, 24th 

morning arrival 

12.00 QuickStart session: introduction to the meeting, Melanoma basics, which sessions not to miss?

Communication: how to report scientific news on patient forums

13.30- 14.45

Controversies in Dermato-oncology I

​14.45- 16.00

Controversies in Dermato-oncology II

17.30- 18.00

Opening Ceremony

18.00- 19.00

Keynote lecture 1

20.00 Working dinner- re-cap of the day. Planning the next day

Thursday, 25th 

8.30- 9.30

Management of advanced melanoma

9.30- 10.30

​How to prevent Melanoma Progression in tumor-free patients

11.00- 12.00

Parallel workshops

12.00- 13.00

Keynote lecture 2

14.00- 15.00

Parallel workshops

16.30- 18.00

Parallel workshops

19.00 Summary of the day, planning the next day. 

Friday, 26th          

8.30- 9.30 Parallel sessions

​9.45- 13.00 QuickStart program and closure

for those interested:

14.00- 15.30

What is new in melanoma biology?


Looking forward to seeing you for another QuickStart!

Bettina Ryll
Gilliosa Spurrier-Bernard
Violeta Astratinei

Fredrik Östman

Organisers- MPNE