in  Central and Eastern EuropE

Looking for opportunity.

30th August- 1st September 2019 

​Skopje, Macedonia

A new format! 
With a growing number of active Melanoma patient advocates in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), we would like to replicate the successful concept of our annual Krusenberg MPNEhubs meetings to create an effective platform for advocacy efforts in CEE.

What we are going to do
New treatments are for the first time giving hope to Melanoma patients everywhere.

However, hope is not evenly distributed as patients in Central and Eastern Europe

continue to struggle to access effective prevention, early detection and effective treatments.

We will map the access to the different Melanoma therapies approved in the European Union to identify particular access issues.

There will also be plenty of time to share your successful advocacy projects and discuss with colleagues!

MPNCEEhubs 2019 

  • will be our first hubs workshop for patient advocates from Central and Eastern Europe and modelled on our Krusenberg workshop series
  • will be hands-on weekend: what can we DO? 

So if you are a Melanoma advocate from Central and Eastern Europe or interested in the region understand and speak English well enough to participate in the discussion, please apply!

Attendance of the MPNCEEhubs  2019 workshop

please note that workshop language is English

Who should apply?

Melanoma advocates, in particular from Central and Eastern Europe, but anyone with interest in the region.​

Please note that attendance is upon application only.

What does it cost?

Accepted advocated will receive free registration and accommodation for 2 nights at the conference venue. Extra nights are at participants' own expenses.

​Travel needs to be arranged for by participants themselves but will be reimbursed up to a maximum amount of 400€ for economy/ 2nd class travel for people living outside the country and up to 150€ for those living in the country, and only after full attendance of the conference and against original travel receipts.

Please look for the best deals and keep the original receipts of your bookings. 

Don't want to travel alone? Use the MPNE facebook group to find fellow travellers!

Cannot afford to pay ticket upfront? Please contact us.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Skopje!

Bettina, Biba, Gilly, Violeta and Volodymyr 

Last update 5th July 2019

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Melanoma Patient Network Europe

MPNCEEhubs 2019

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.” 

Martin Luther King, Jr.