is proud to be project partner in Share4Rare, a community that wants to make a difference in rare diseases in children, including cancers.

Melanoma is thankfully very rare in children. But when it occurs, we still want to be able to help parents and children as effectively as possible.

While the treatment of childhood and adult Melanoma usually doesn't differ, provided a country has access schemes for the medicines, cancer in children comes with particular challenges.

We therefore hope that a community of others who also have children with cancer will be of value to those parents with a child with Melanoma and that these communities can drive much-needed research to make a difference. 

Find out more about the Share4Rare community and join the project HERE!

Pilot projects

We are currently piloting different projects on the Share4Rare platform, one of them in paediatric cancers (all cancers in children are rare!). Interested? Find out more and participate by clicking on the banner below! 

Surviving Melanoma in Europe.  

Access to prevention, early detection and effective treatment for all.

Melanoma Patient Network Europe