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Being part of the solution.

MPNE 2015

Annual conference

24th- 26th April 2015​

Boulevard Adolphe Max 98

1000 Brussels - Belgium

MPNE 2015

will take place again in Belgium, in Brussels, at the HOTEL MARIVAUX BRUSSELS.


HOtel ​

Boulevard Adolphe Max 98

1000 Brussels - Belgium



Free Registration, accommodation and
travel support for up to 350 Euro
for eu Melanoma patient advocates.

EU Melanoma patient advocates

Attendance of the MPNE 2015 conference

Attendance is upon application only:  Application is closed.
Accepted advocated will receive free registration and accommodation for 2 nights (24th, 25th April) at the Marivaux Hotel which will be arranged for you. Should you require extra nights, please confirm with us before making any travel arrangements.

Pre-MPNE 2015- MPNEcore meeting
MPNE advocates involved in the MPNE 2015 conference or in MPNE projects will meet a day prior to the conference to ensure that workshops and our advocacy day on Sunday become a success! Invite to come separately and with your conference registration.  

Travel needs to be arranged for by participants themselves but will be reimbursed up to the maximum amount of €350 for economy/ 2nd class travel after attendance of the conference. Please look for the best deals and keep the original receipts of your bookings! Don't want to travel alone? Use the MPNE facebook group to find fellow travellers!