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MPNE 2016

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Friday 18th March

16.00- 17.30

MPNE Workshops tackle topics of particular interest or relevance to our advocacy community.

According to our principles-

1. patients first

2. solutions, not problems

3. show me the data

these are WORKshops, so the aim is not to have lectures in a smaller group.

Rather, we need to produce concrete ideas that actually WORK for our NETWORK- so we are after concrete suggestions how we can directly use the power and possibilities of our network to improve the situation of Melanoma patients in Europe. Considering the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our attendants, there should be plenty of room for coming up with great new ideas!

MPNE 2016 topics are:

1. Early detection

Facilitators: Roald Nystad, Gillian Nuttal, Ana-Maria Forsea, Suzana Konjevoda, Zrinjka Pastar, Antonella Romanini, Claire Dale.

The earlier Melanoma is caught, the higher the chances of  survival. 

This year's workshop will build on last year's (screening recommendations to increase early detection) and now focus on how we as network can turn these into action by e.g. identifying and approaching high-risk populations.

2. MY data

Facilitator: Scott Wagers and colleagues, eTRIKS

​“The most valuable thing we have in health and social care is data”

Yet data remains an abstract problem- but it concerns Melanoma patients directly as anyone who has ever tried to get his or her data out from some place will testify.

Form your own opinion in this PLAY/ DECIDE discussion game- and come to a solid conclusion what YOUR DATA is about.

3. Living and Coping with Melanoma

Facilitator: Anne Rogiers TBC

As most of us know only too well, a Melanoma diagnosis presents an enormous psychological burden for patients and families alike. Finding people in the same situation who truly understand then becomes a life-line- and that is one of the functions of our network. 

Anne is a psychiatrist who has treated Melanoma patients for a long time- and we would like to engage in a discussion about what we as group can already do to lessen the burden for anyone affected by Melanoma. And how we can spot when someone requires professional help (and how we then get it!).

​We are looking forward to meeting you in Leuven!

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