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Surviving Melanoma in Europe.  

Access to prevention, early detection and effective treatment for all.

Melanoma Patient Network Europe

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Systematically and pragmatically address the problems European Melanoma patients are facing in a constructive, result-orientated and collaborative manner.

Fake News and Pseudoscience put patient lives at risk.

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Bettina Ryll, MD/ PhD

​MPNE founder

2019 coming to an end

The annual meeting of MPNEhubs has just passed and with that, the MPNE year is coming to an end- time to reflect and time to plan for the next year!

Not very long ago, the mere idea of thinking about another year in Melanoma would have seemed absurd. At a median survival of 6- 9 months, you calculate in months, not in years. Today, I am grateful for every single person escaping what was a certain fate and for an amazing group of people determined to make this the reality for every Melanoma patient, including those with rare forms of Melanoma, not just a lucky few. None of us wanted to be here- but it is a privilege to know you.


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