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Melanoma Patient Network Europe

Make your personal Melanoma experience count.

A Melanoma diagnosis alters the lives of patients, their families and friends.

​You want to share your personal experience with Melanoma to connect with others who know exactly what you are going through?  

You will find that you are not alone and that sharing your experience with others helps to cope. 

…..or others who have no idea what you are going through?

Many decisions affecting Melanoma patients are taken by people who have never experienced the disease themselves. We know that ​a Melanoma diagnosis is life-altering, so share your experience with decision makers to make them understand how it feels to be in your shoes.

You found a good source of information about Melanoma and new treatment options?

Many patients struggle to find reliable and up-do-dat information- we are looking for trustworthy resources patients can use to educate themselves about their disease.

You found a great educational resource for patient advocates? 

Please share it!

Do you have a Melanoma-specific problem that needs addressing on a European level and are you looking for like-minded people?

Make use of this growing network to find others who share your concern. Together, we advocate more effectively!

You have a successful Melanoma advocacy action you want to share? 
We believe that good ideas are worth spreading, so if you have a successful advocacy action that made a difference for Melanoma patients, inspire others by sharing it!

We would like to hear from you-




Getting involved