is undoubtedly one of the most over-used and ill-defined terms in advocacy. 

In Melanoma, we often refer to Melanoma awareness in the context of

  • education in sun safety and prevention
  • early detection
  • the general public's misunderstanding of Melanoma -  'it is not JUST skin cancer'
  • funding for research
  • structures and procedures consistently failing Melanoma patients

Awareness is thereby the tool to achieve a specific outcome and not a goal in itself.

A non-exhaustive list of critical questions to ask before embarking on any awareness action-

Which type of awareness is required by whom in order to achieve what?

How do we reach this group of people?

What does it take to achieve the changes we want?

How do we measure whether we have achieved what we set out to change?


No need to reinvent the wheel- has anyone done something similar before?

Who can help with expertise- support- infrastructure- financially?

This is just the beginning, please help us building our Awareness Resource!

Prevention and early detection

The Skin Cancer Awareness Tool Kit


A pan-European campaign for skin cancer prevention that aims to give information to everybody on skin cancer prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. EUROMELANOMA is led by European dermatologists and organizes annual Skin Cancer campaigns in Europe.


EUROSKIN is an independent non-profit making scientific society, whose principal aims are to reduce the incidence and mortality of skin cancer. It sets out to achieve this through the promotion and co-ordination of collaborative actions between European professionals active in the fields of primary and/or secondary prevention. These include, for example, dermatologists, epidemiologists, biologists, physicists and other professionals with an interest in these aims.


Recommendation on Skin Cancer Screening from 2012


Skin cancer information and sun protection advice

How to- show me the data and successful implementations

WHO on Cancer Control

Effective interventions: The Canadian Best Practices Portal

PACT- Program of Action for Cancer Therapy

Fighting the cancer epidemic in low and middle income countries. Assessing Cancer Burden- Developping Global Partnerships- Promoting Cancer Control Training- Making Radiotherapy accessible.​

World Cancer Congress December 2014- Interesting program with points to consider in cancer prevention campaigns

Bettina Ryll, 2016-01-04

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The first step toward change is awareness.
The second step is acceptance.
​Nathaniel Branden

The third one is planning.

The forth one is action.

​Bettina Ryll


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