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' I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma in June 2013. The Melanoma started as a mole on my back that doctors initially brushed off as harmless- 2 dermatologists checked and said was ok. Eventually, my GP shaved it off (incompletely) at my insistence- because the Mole had grown so large it was catching on clothing. My then, my melanoma was ulcerated, had a Breslow depth of 4.7mm and a Mitotic rate of 10 per 1sq/mm. My staging is Stage 2c at the moment.'

Imogen volunteered to be the first to share how she copes on the Melanoma Rollercoaster

'My diagnosis was a real shock and I have been frustrated with the differences in medical care and a number of other issues I have come across. I started blogging about my experience on the Melanomarollercoaster, initially as a way to keep family and friends updated. 

​Now I hope that it can inform others who all of a sudden find themselves in my situation about Melanoma and the rollercoaster of emotion and stress you suddenly become trapped on.'

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En dépit de tout, la vie est belle.
Patricia Garcia-Prieto
Please be aware that the experiences, worries and the nature of the burden vary greatly depending on the stage of disease and whether you are a patient or a carer- and all of them are valid, so please be understanding.

Live with Melanoma

Living with Melanoma presents a challenge, not only for the person who needs to live with the diagnosis but also for family and friends. Only someone who has been there will fully understand, so sharing your experience will help others!

Finding people who can support you when you feel down will make all the difference to your life. 


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