The empowered patient

A Melanoma diagnosis presents a gigantic challenge for the patient, but also for the family and friends. Sharing the experience with others is a powerful tool to cope and to learn to LIVE with the disease.

Being given a potentially fatal diagnosis is life-altering and sharing our struggles is the only way to make outsiders see what it really means to  LIVE with Melanoma.

Knowledge is key, especially in a disease like Melanoma. We encourage patients to LEARN as much as possible about Melanoma and current treatment options to enable them to make informed decisions about their own situation.

Melanoma patients are also directly affected by the current political and economic situation on  national and European level. To become efficient advocates for their own behalfs, Melanoma patients need to LEARN about the underlying systems and the mutual dependencies.

We need to ACT in order to constructively address the challenges of the European Melanoma patient community. 

​Our aim is to encourage the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices among Melanoma patient advocates across Europe, to stimulate collaboration and to provide support for turning ideas into productive ACTION.

En dépit de tout, la vie est belle.
Patricia Garcia-Prieto

Empower patients- live, learn and act

No more Melanoma deaths in Europe. Access to prevention, early detection and effective treatment for everyone.

Melanoma Patient Network Europe