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information on melanoma

​​A very complete ASCO guide to Melanoma written for patients and particularly interesting for patients with metastatic Melanoma as it covers the latest therapy options thoroughly.

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written for patients

by the american society of clinical oncology

Learn about melanoma

Knowledge is power and enables patients to make better treatment decisions. This is particularly relevant in a disease like metastatic Melanoma where treatment options evolve fast and the discussion about what best care looks like is still ongoing. 

Taking in huge amounts of information about Melanoma, the different treatment options and how to access them while dealing with a Melanoma diagnosis in the first place is without doubt a daunting task.

Most of us have found it helpful to connect with others in the very same situation- this is how our Network came to be- to share knowledge, discuss options and simply find understanding listeners as our surrounding often cannot fantom what we are going through.

This place is therefore intended to provide a resource for 

  • places to connect with other Melanoma patients on the internet
  • ​places for information about Melanoma and in particular, the latest treatment options and
  • other relevant information sources.

Connect with other Melanoma patients on the internet-

There are numerous Melanoma patient forums on the web, with slightly different focus and quality. It is worth checking out a few and most of us are members on different ones anyway!

​You will find our facebook group here:  


  1. Learn more about the latest Melanoma therapies in the webinars
  2. from the Melanoma International Foundation.

  1. ​ASCO organizes the largest oncology congress of the world on the last weekend in May each year and this is where the most important news in Melanoma are presented. 
  2. So read what your oncologists are reading on the ASCO website. Or attend the annual meeting in Chicago as a patient advocate. Chicago too far a trip? Get access to meeting presentations here and there is a lot of other useful patient information! 

  1. ​​

  1. ​Become a Patient Expert                         

  2. on the European Medicines Research & Development Process with this

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