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Melanoma- the post child for Immune therapies

Immune therapies- therapies that use the bodies own immune system- are now giving Melanoma patients with advanced disease real hope for long-term survival. And for the first time ever, a cure has become thinkable!

Immune therapies work very differently from chemotherapy, the therapy that most people associate with cancer treatments.

On this page, we would like to collect good educational resources for Melanoma patients and advocates to learn more about the immune system, new immune therapies and how these work in Melanoma.

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How does Immune therapy work?

Side effects on immune therapy

  • Cancer Immunotherapies: a free online course from the University of Birmingham- starts 29th February 2016 but can be taken any time 

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Immune therapies

The latest developments 

in Melanoma therapies 

Considering how fast Melanoma therapies- thankfully- move, Melanoma therapy websites are easily out of date.

For this reason, this page is only intended for basic information on the different therapies. We post and discuss the latest developments in active forums:



MPNE ASCO 2015 blog

MPNE ASCO 2014 blog 

Join our MPNE facebook group to keep up to date and to discuss about the latest therapies- questions are always welcome. Please note this a closed group for Melanoma patients and advocates only.

The MELANOMA Pathway 

containing BRAF and MEK: the MAP- Kinase Pathway

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