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Mark in his own words

'My name is Mark Carter I am aged 56 and live in North Lincolnshire with my lovely wife Liz and 3 Cats, we have been happily married for 29 years. 
I am a stage 4 Malignant Melanoma Survivor and am currently stable, but my long term prognosis is poor as there is currently no effective cure for the disease and current treatments only prolong life, although great strides are being made in the field of new targeted therapies
I now devote most of my time to raising awareness of the risk factors and causes of Melanoma and set up a website in February 2013 called with this in mind.
Malignant Melanoma is almost an almost entirely preventable disease and I believe that there is far too little education about about the risk factors. People only need to make a few simple lifestyle changes by including a sun safety regimen into their daily lives and avoiding over exposure to UV light from the sun and artificial sources such as sunbeds to make all the difference.
I have never deliberately gone out of my way to acquire a tan and have never used a commercial sunbed. I attribute my melanoma diagnosis to excessive sun exposure in my youth when I served in the Merchant Navy and worked in many tropical climates. Unfortunately I was ignorant of the dangers back then as there was little awareness but even today too many people are still unaware of how dangerous excessive UV exposure can be and the cumulative damage at a cellular level that can build up over time.'

Follow Mark and his determination to raise awareness about the dangers of sunbed use

ACT- Turning your Melanoma experience into action

A Melanoma diagnosis is a life-altering event. Many of you have decided not to give in into your fate in silence but to speak up in order to help others. So this is the space dedicated to those of you who have turned adversity into action!

En d├ępit de tout, la vie est belle.
Patricia Garcia-Prieto

Empower patients- live, learn and act