Surviving Melanoma in Europe.  

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information on melanoma

​​A very complete ASCO guide to Melanoma written for patients and particularly interesting for patients with metastatic Melanoma as it covers the latest therapy options thoroughly.

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We believe that good ideas against Melanoma need to spread. Share your Melanoma Advocacy projects here to inspire others, so that your good ideas against Melanoma have the impact they deserve!

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No need to reinvent the wheel

There are fantastic resources for patient advocacy out there- no need to re-invent the wheel

if others have already done it extremely well!

The network in Action

Don't understand a word? Get help with the EUPATI glossary

Key terms of medical research and development explained in lay terms. A great resource!

clinical trials

Information on clinical trials and how to find the relevant ones.

Sharing our resources

We are sharing our resources- information, good websites, relevant reads- on this page. Something missing here? Please let us know! 

Adaptive Licensing

Melanoma patients critically depend on innovation- innovation in therapies but also innovation in drug approval and reimbursement.

Adaptive licensing is a novel approach to authorising drugs which could present a solution to many of the problems Melanoma patients are currently facing in clinical trials.