MPNE2016 'power to the patient'

Participant agreement


Last updated: 8th February 2016 BR

MPNEsupport Org 802492-1069, Sweden

Melanoma Patient Network Europe


Participation in the MPNE2016 annual conference

​17th/ 18th- 20th March 2016

Martin's Klooster, Leuven, Belgium

Financial Support

MPNE agrees to cover registration, full-board accommodation for 2 nights and travel expenses up to a maximum of 350 Euro for participants selected to attend the annual conference of the Melanoma Patient Network Europe, MPNE2016- Power to the Patient.

It is the responsibility of the participants to declare the grant provided by MPNE to their financial institution if applicable.

MPNE will provide travel grants to participants, up to a maximum of 350 euro (this amount includes all travel expenses - train, flight, car- for economy/ 2nd class travel). Participants will be responsible for booking their own travel and they will be reimbursed after attending the full conference on completion of the reimbursement form together with travel receipts.

Please note that participants are responsible to arrange their own travel and airport transfers!

MPNE will book accommodation for you at the conference venue, Martin's Klooster, for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday), accommodation will be full-board, in single rooms. For participants in the MPNEhub meeting (separate invite), one additional night (Thursday, 17th March) will be arranged.

Participants will be liable for all extra costs. Should participants desire to stay extra nights, these need to be directly arranged at the hotel and covered by participants themselves.

Filming/ photos

By accepting their place at MPNE 2016, participants agree to being filmed/ photographed at the conference and those images to be used for MPNE work, like the conference documentation. We will not prominently use single photos of you without asking but that just becomes impossible for group pictures!

MPNE bears no responsibility for untoward events in connection with, before, during and after the conference. Participants are advised to take out their own personal and travel insurance coverage.

By accepting the Participant's Agreement, participants declare that they will attend the full conference in Leuven.