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Melanoma Patient Network Europe

Violeta Astratinei

founder of Melanom Romania. Particular interest in equitable access to cancer care and clinical trial design. Coordinating MPNCEE, MPNE's activities in Central and Eastern Europe.


Gilly Spurrier

founder of MélanomeFrance. Particular interest in patient education and HTA. Coordinating MPNE's activities in rare Melanomas.

BScHons/ MSc

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Bettina Ryll
special interest is patient-centered clinical trial design, alternative drug development models and sustainable healthcare innovation.


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Getting involved

You have a Melanoma-specific problem that needs addressing on a European level? We would like to hear from you! 

mission & vision

Access to prevention, early detection and effective treatment in Melanoma across Europe.

our core team

My husband's Melanoma diagnosis did not only change the life of our family forever but also my view on medicine and clinical research. We got a lot of support from others and while it will be too late for him, there will hopefully be a day when people like him will have a chance!

2011 - M-icab, the Melanoma Independent Community Advisory Board, is founded as an ECPC pilot project upon the initiative of Patricia Garcia- Prieto and Quentin Van Daele.

2013 - M-icab increasingly assumes functions outside advisory board activities and the need for a better connection of Melanoma advocates in Europe becomes apparent.

2014 -Launch of the Melanoma Patient Network Europe.

March 2014 - 1. Conference (m-icab/ESO/ MPNE2014): The trials we want.

November 2014- 1. MPNE autumn workshop: Project management for Melanoma advocates


April 2015- MPNE 2015: The risk of NOT taking risks in Melanoma.​

October 2015- Melanoma Quickstart workshop for new Melanoma advocates

Novermber 2015- 2. MPNE autumn workshop: How to read a scientific paper


March 2016: MPNE 2016: Power to the Patient. With Great Power comes great responsibility.

Krusenberg 2016: Access to Innovation


MPNE2017: Value versus Affordability

Krusenberg 2017- Lean Advocacy 


MD, PhD, Melanoma patient advocate

Our founder