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Key terms of medical research and development explained in lay terms. A great resource!

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Contact details to your european trial cite 

EUCTR point B.5 

B.5 Contact point designated by the sponsor for further information on the trial

trial speak explained 

a really helpful and detailed explanation on how to read a clinical study on

​can be found​

our advice 

look for

trials here

….and get the european locations and contact details


important to know

There are numerous websites available listing clinical trials. Please make sure that you are on a site that is listing all trials (as the ones above) and that are regularly updated- you might miss important information otherwise!

Finding the right clinical trials 

can be daunting, especially in Melanoma. 

Clinical trials were invented as a way to gain medical knowledge, not as a way to treat patients. However, in a disease like Melanoma, where the latest progress in therapies is so recent, clinical trials are often the only chance to access the latest and most promising therapies- so clinical trials have become treatment.

Finding clinical trials is not easy, but here are some pointers- 

Clinical trials are listed here


The most complete and (relatively) user-friendly website provided by the US NIH also listing European trials:

The first page explains how tosearch, e.g. enter 'melanoma', and it will come upwith all Melanoma trials registered on the site.

By clicking 'include only open studies' you will only get those trials currently recruiting patients.

When you click on a study of your interest, you will find the description of the trial, including the protocol, the  inclusion and exclusion criteria and then a list with locations at the bottom of the page. European sites are not listed in detail but you will find a contact email- they will be able to tell you.

Alternatively and if you don't want to wait, you can take the trial details and search the European equivalent database EUCTR: see next step. 

Please note that not all trials are cross-referenced with their NCT trial identifier in the EUCTR database, so if you don't find anything, try again with the drug name- the company- the trial location.

EU Clinical Trials Register- EUCTR 

The new European equivalent which is unfortunately still not very user-friendly:

The site contains a lot of information which is unfortunately entered into long tables and therefore not very easy to browse

However, you will find details listed by European country and the trial sponsor contact information listed under Point B.5, including phone numbers and email addresses, so you can easily find out about trials in your vicinity and then contact them directly. As noted above, not all trials are cross-referenced to NCT, so you might have to search with the drug name/ company/ country.

The advanced search is very detailed but annoyingly only has 'ongoing' trials so one cannot distinguish between 'ongoing- but not longer recruiting' and 'ongoing AND recruiting' trials. An easy way to double-check is actually to take the NCT identifier and go back to to find out!

The EMA press release about the launch of the new EudraCT version. 


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How do i find clinical trials?