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We thank

  • our participants for their amazing enthusiam
  • our faculty, especially John Haanen, for the effort they put into the preparation of an event truly designed for advocates

  • the following companies for unrestricted financial support without which such an event would not be possible 


10th October

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The small print

Decisions about workshop participation will be based on suitability for the workshop as well as scope of the Melanoma patient network Europe and are final.


Workshop participation, travel

and full-board accommodation 

will be free for participants


Krusenberg Herrgård is a friendly conference center

and hotel at the lake Mälaren, a 25 min drive away from Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden's main airport. 

How to read a scientific paper

for European Melanoma patient advocates

​27- 29th November 2015

Krusenberg Herrgård, Uppsala, Sweden

Why this workshop?

In the last few years, Melanoma therapies have been evolving very fast and the access to accurate and timely information about the latest developments has become a major challenge for Melanoma patients and advocates alike. At MPNE2015, the last conference of our network, MPNEcore advocates accordingly identified the reading of original scientific literature as their biggest challenge- that we address with this workshop.

MPNE's aim is to help Melanoma advocates acquire the necessary knowledge to find, understand and efficiently share relevant Melanoma news as fast as possible and across language barriers.    

Who should apply?

European Melanoma advocates who want to learn how to read the scientific publication of a clinical study in Melanoma and who want to contribute that all European Melanoma patients have access accurate and timely information about the latest developments in Melanoma. 

The number of participants is limited to 20 advocates to have room for participation and discussion and a good enough working knowledge in English is essential! Applicants will be selected based on motivation, experience in collaboration and exchange and their level of English and as always, we are aiming for a balanced European mix.


as well as accommodation and meals will be free for selected advocates. We are also able to provide a travel allowance up to 400 Euro after the event against original receipts only.

Program- preliminary

Friday, 27th November 2015

14.00- 15.30 

Visit to the Uppsala Monitoring Center
Introduction to the joint UMC/ MPNE project 

Transfer from Uppsala to Krusenberg Herrgård

18.00- 19.30
Welcome at Krusenberg Herrgård

Introduction to the workshop

MPNE activities in 2015 and 2016
Bettina Ryll, Gilliosa Spurrier

How do PAs access scientific literature?
Open access and tools available to PAs.
Violeta Astratinei

Dinner at Krusenberg Herrgård

Saturday, 28th November

Workshop Day 1
How to read a scientific publication in Melanoma?
Faculty: John Haanen, NKI Amsterdam, Netherlands

We will systematically go through a scientific publication and explain the structure, the figures and the analysis of a scientific publication.

Detailed program for Saturday to follow.

Cut the jargon.
Writing summaries people actually read and understand.
Kristin Bryon

Join us for Julbord, the traditional Swedish Christmas Dinner

Sunday, 29th November

Workshop Day 2

How to make scientific information accessible for our patients?

9.00- 10.30
Social media strategy
How to use social media to systematically reach more patients.
Alfonso Auguarón

10.30- 11.00


11.00- 12.00

How do we reach more Melanoma patients in Europe?
Roald Nystad


Workshop Closure
Bettina Ryll
Lunch and Departure


John Haanen, NKI, Amsterdam, NL

Kristin Bryon, MPNE

Gilliosa Spurrier, Mélanome France and MPNE

Alfonso Auguarón, Myeloma Patients Europe


Violeta Astratinei, Stichting Melanoom, Melanoma Romania and MPNE

Bettina Ryll, MPNE

MPNE NOvember workshop