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Melanoma Patient Network Europe

5th May 2021 BR

MPNE principles

1. Patients first.

2. Solutions, not problems.

3. Data, not opinions.


4. If you are not going to do it- no one will.

1. Patients First.

MPNE works to improve the lives of Melanoma patients. While our main focus and expertise is Melanoma, we believe in solutions for ALL patients and not for one group at the expense of others. 

2. Solutions, not problems.

Melanoma patients need solutions. MPNE's approach is therefore result-orientated: we contribute and drive solutions for Melanoma patients.

3. Data, not opinions.

MPNE's advocacy positions are based on evidence and data, not on single opinions. Solutions need to do right by every patient, not just a few. 

4. Proactivity

Assuming responsibility is an important part of our approach to advocacy. Because no one is more concerned about Melanoma than Melanoma patients. Also as it's internally known 'you got the job!'


our mission and ambition

MPNE is an organically growing multidimensional network system of predominantly European Melanoma patients, carers and advocates and operates effectively across cultural and language barriers according to subsidiarity and shared principles.

Our mission is to systematically address problems faced by the European Melanoma community in a constructive, result-oriented and evidence-based manner by providing platforms for communication and collaboration.

Our ambition is to provide high-quality education so that Melanoma patients are not only able to actively participate in their own care but are also enabled to shape the systems around them to the benefit of the entire Melanoma patient community- from research to policy. 

our vision

Access to prevention, early detection and effective treatment in Melanoma across Europe.

how we work

The way we work evolved over time and fits our needs.

We needed to find a way to help address the many and diverse challenges that Melanoma patients all over Europe face. Thankfully, we are also many and we are also diverse!

We believe that we are at our personal best when we work at a problem we truly care about and when we are good at what we do. 

Together, we learn, teach and help each other. And while we cannot tell people what they should care about we can definitely help them find it out themselves! 

What unites us however is the way we work that we wrote down in 4 principles:    

OUr mission and vision