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The network 


We are a European network of Melanoma patients and patient advocate that collaborates to

  • effectively share knowledge relevant to Melanoma: novel therapies, clinical trials, access schemes, research results, updates about regulatory and HTA (Health Technology Assessment)* decisions
  • share successful advocacy projects and support others to get started in Melanoma advocacy
  • create a platform to interact as a group with other stakeholders- e.g. researchers, EMA (European Medicines Agency)*, manufacturers.

​Our aim are empowered Melanoma patients who can make informed treatment choices and who can interact in an appropriate way with other stakeholders to drive and contribute to constructive solutions to the problems of the European Melanoma community.

We believe that all European Melanoma patients should have access to accurate information in their own language and support appropriate to their cultural context- which is a formidable challenge considering the European cultural and language diversity.

MPNE advocates are therefore the connectors between the European Melanoma network communicating in English and national networks in the respective native language. 

This allows us to communicate efficiently across many potential language barriers, collaborate where appropriate and learn from each other to address country-specific issues.