Occasionally, also children are diagnosed with Melanoma.​ Thankfully, Melanoma in children is rare but the mere fact of being rare, plus some not-so-clear definitions of what paediatric Melanoma actually is can make it hard to find helpful information. 

We are therefore currently building a network for paediatric Melanoma- join us here.

About 80% of all Melanoma in children happen spontaneously and are linked to UV-damage, about 20% are in children with a genetic predisposition (Ref).

Children can have 'conventional' Melanoma in the sense that it behaves like Melanoma in adults but occurs earlier in life. It is thought that sun damage induces DNA-damage that over time leads to Melanoma- but it is not clear why this can already happen in childhood.

Spitzoid Melanoma is a particular Melanoma occurring in childhood (sometimes therefore called: paediatric Melanoma- this is confusing!!). 

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last update 26th January 2019

Paediatric Melanoma- Melanoma in children

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