Melanoma Patient Network Europe

Last update 19th January 2020 BR

MPNE consensus meeting 

Essential requirements for  

uveal Melanoma guidelines

13th- 15th March 2020
Hotel Marivaux, Boulevard Adolphe Maxlaan 98 B-1000, Brussels


The faculty of MPNE Consensus 1 is composed of MPNE advocates with

- a personal experience of Melanoma as either a patient or a carer, in particular Uveal Melanoma

- experience in evidence-based advocacy and scientific argumentation

- a European, not only national perspective 

Bettina Ryll, Sweden

Gilly Spurrier, France

Violeta Astratinei, Netherlands and Romania

Fredrik Östman, Sweden

Iain Galloway, UK

Andrew Evans, Netherlands

Jo Gumbs, UK

Dick Plomp, Netherlands

Erik Näsman, Sweden

Ioana Dogaru, France and Romania

Audrey Woraker, UK 

Oskar Näsman, Sweden


Tamara Rimmer, Malta 

Interested to take part in the consensus meeting, not yet part of the network but think you have what it takes?

Please send us under info(at)

- a recent CV detailing both your professional background as well as your advocacy activities

- a motivation letter detailing your relationship to Uveal Melanoma, your experience in patient advocacy, your scientific experience and your interests on a European level

MPNEsupport Org 802492-1069, Sweden

MPNE consensus I