MPNE Poster competition

'Ideas worth sharing-

The Melanoma Advocacy Project'

Back by popular demand- the MPNE poster competition!

Share YOUR Melanoma advocacy project with your European advocacy colleagues to inspire and to get inspired- good ideas deserve to be shared!

Posters will get judged both for the project and for the quality of the project design- advocates will get to vote for the best poster and yes, there will be a prize, too. 

Working on the details right now- be prepared for a surprise!

Which poster format?

The poster boards are 1m wide and 2m high, so perfectly fit an upright

DINA0 Poster (841mm x 1189mm ).
The easiest is to use powerpoint- open a new presentation and change

the size under 'File, page set-up’ to a format that fits the poster boards.

Please do not forget your NAME, your organisation and a way how to contact you on the poster!


The poster should be in plain English- the native language of most conference participants is anything BUT English! So keep it simple, straight-forward and avoid abbreviations to make sure everyone understands your idea.

What type of advocacy project should I put on the poster?

We are looking for ideas how to improve the situation of melanoma patients- this can be a past, ongoing or future project. We are looking for inspiring ideas in Melanoma advocacy!


Most print shops print posters, there are also online shops available where you upload the poster and get it sent home. Ask our Belgian colleagues for local print shops so you skip travelling with a nice paper roll- so it DOES look cool ;-)

Too complicated?

Print it on single A4 sheets and tape/ glue them together....remember, it is the IDEA that counts

No access to powerpoint?

Print your ideas on normal paper from any word editor and glue them on to a large sheet- or write it by hand but please don’t forget, others need to read it!

When can I put up my poster?

Poster boards will be available from Friday afternoon onwards, so that people have time to look at them during the day on Saturday and get a chance to vote.


Will there be a chance to discuss my idea with others?

The Saturday evening reception will take place in the poster session area, so you will be able to enjoy a glass of wine (or other) while exchanging ideas with others!


who will vote?

Conference participants who are patients or patient advocates will get 5 sticky points each- to be placed on their poster(s) of choice. This can be all 5 points for one poster or single points for different ones- the poster with the most points wins!

We are also looking to get a project management expert to help you discuss the project design to make sure those great ideas also become reality.


What to consider-

This is your opportunity to share and discuss your idea for an advocacy project in Melanoma- and to even win a prize for it!

As a quick re-cap from our project management workshop, a project is 

'A controlled work that using agreed timescale, budget and resources delivers a one-off objective'

So share what you plan to do, why you want to do it and what exactly you want to achieve. How long will the project run? And what are your budget and your resources? You might not know details right now but then you could e.g. just list what needs to be paid for. Don't forget to list your own time and work under resources! 

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