Access to innovation

Annual MPNE workshop for European Melanoma advocates

​25th- 27th November 2016

arrival 24th in the evening


Krusenberg Herrgård, Uppsala, Sweden 


Why this workshop?

Today, survival in advanced Melanoma depends on access to innovative therapies. For the first time ever, there is hope in this previously deadly disease. However, due to the combination of increasing financial constraints of healthcare systems and the high cost of these innovative therapies, access has become the new challenge for many Melanoma patients across Europe.

Reasons for access problems differ between countries and sometimes, even regions within the same country. Constructive solutions will therefore depend on truly understanding the real problems per country first.

This workshop aims to 1. produce a detailed overview of the access situation of Melanoma drugs in Europe, 2. help advocates understand where these medicines are 'stuck' in the healthcare systems and 3. introduce access models currently used by some European member states that could help improve access for Melanoma patients while providing constructive and fair solutions for all stakeholders.

Who should apply?

This workshop is directed at MPNEhubs, European Melanoma advocates who want to connect between their own country and the European Melanoma community- we are looking for advocates with a keen interest to share, work together and put in the effort before, during and after the workshop to produce concrete results for our network!

This is a workshop for advocates who want to learn more about access to innovation, their own country's health care system and the pathway that a medicine needs to take before it reaches Melanoma patients.

The number of participants is limited to 20 advocates to ensure effective exchange. A good enough working knowledge of English is essential to participate in the discussions! 

How does it work?

1. Application: Attendance of this workshop is upon application only. 

2. Selection: The organising committee will select participants based on their motivation with regards to access to innovative therapies in Melanoma, experience in collaboration and exchange and their level of English. As always, we are aiming for a balanced European mix!

3. Acceptance: Selected applicants will need to accept their place at the workshop and agree to  

4. Accommodation: registration, accommodation and workshop meals will be arranged by MPNE and are free for selected advocates during the workshop (Thursday- Saturday).

5. Travel: Advocates however need to arrange their own travel- please wait until you have heard from us before booking. We are able to provide a travel allowance up to 400 Euro for economy/ 2nd class travel after the event and against original receipts only.

6. Extras: Please note that extras at the hotel and additional nights are at your own expenses and will not be covered by MPNE.

The up-to-date version of the Program can be found here


Gilliosa Spurrier, Mélanome France and MPNE

Violeta Astratinei, Stichting Melanoom, Melanoma Romania and MPNE

Kay Curtin, Melanoma Support Ireland Patients Network and MPNE

Iain Galloway, MPNE ocular 

Tom van der Velde, and MPNE

Bettina Ryll, MPNE

We thank for their support

MPNEsupport Org 802492-1069, Sweden

Melanoma Patient Network Europe


MPNE WORKSHOP 24th- 29th November 


Workshop participation, travel

and full-board accommodation 

will be free for participants.

Participation is upon application only.

The small print

Decisions about workshop participation will be based on suitability for the workshop as well as scope of the Melanoma patient network Europe and are final.


Krusenberg Herrgård is a friendly conference center

and hotel at the lake Mälaren, a 25 min drive away from Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden's main airport. 


Friday, 21st October

​ MPNE principles

 1. patients first               

 2. solutions, not problems

 3. data, not opinions        


 4. if you don't do it- no one  will.

​ Our ambition

 A resource tracking the      access to Melanoma drugs

 in Europe published by      Saturday night.