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Version 19th June 2017

MPNCEE2017 will take place at the Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb.

Rooms for participants are booked at the same hotel.


Hotel Dubrovnik d.d.
Ljudevita Gaja 1, PP 246, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

phone: +385 1 4863 555

The Hotel Dubrovnik is located in the very centre of Zagreb and is easily accessible from different parts of the city. The Hotel is approximately 0.5 km from Zagreb Central Station, 1 km from the main Bus Station, 5.5 km from Zagreb Fair and 15 km from Zagreb Airport. Zagreb is very well connected by public transport – trams and buses. Ticket prices in one direction range from 4 Kuna or 0,50 Euro for a half an hour ticket ( 30 min ),  to 10 Kuna or 1,40 Euro for a hour and a half ticket (
01h 30min ), while a daily ticket costs 40 kn or 5,40 Euro, and it is also possible to buy tickets for multiple days. The tram station at Ban Jelačić Square is only a couple of minutes walk from the Hotel.

Some basic info about the hotel and services

  • Parking lot for hotel guests
  • Check in after 2 PM and checkout before 12 PM
  • Breakfast is served from 6:30am to 10am
  • Free WiFi
  • Taxi reservations for hotel guests
  • Non smoking hotel

Getting to and from Zagreb Airport Pleso

Most participants will be coming by plane and arrive at Zagreb Airport Pleso, about 15km from the city centre of Zagreb.

Here are some options how to get to Zagreb:

Pre-booked transfer

You can pre-book private or shared transfer:  the most hassle-free form of transportation between the Zagreb Airport and the city centre is a pre-booked transfer. Price for a transfer of 1 to 3 persons is about 35 Euro, for a group of up to 8 persons price is around 50 Euro. Check the googlesheet you received for colleagues arriving at the same time!

Airport bus Zagreb Airport (easy & cheap): 

The airport bus is parked outside the main arrival terminal (You can’t miss it). Busses leave every full and half hour and the trip to the main bus station takes about 30 minutes. From there, you have tram connections to the city centre and the main train station.

Tram number 6 for Črnomerec which will take you directly to the main city square or Ban Josip Jelačić Square where the Hotel Dubrovnik is situated. 

For departure times from Airport to the city centre, please see the following link  and specify your search FROM: ZAGREB ( AIRPORT ) HR TO: ZAGREB. Price for a one way ticket is 30 kn, about 4 EUR.

PLEASE note that after 8 pm, you have buses leaving shortly after arrival of scheduled flights. For the way back to the airport, you can find the schedule at the same link as above FROM: ZAGREB TO: ZAGREB ( AIRPORT). 


During the opening hours of the airport, you normally find quite a few taxis waiting outside the arrival terminal. The price for a trip to the city centre is around 150-200 Kuna or 20 to 30 Euro, depending on your final destination in Zagreb, remember to agree upon price before taking the trip. It is advised to take a cab from inside of the airport.

If you would like to get around the city there are a few taxi companies in Zagreb with very reasonable prices :

Radio Taxi Zagreb at +38511717
Taxi Cammeo at +38511212
Eco Taxi at +38511414

Nikolina's recommendation:

Cammeo or Eco as their prices are more affordable.

Zagreb Municipal Transit System ( ZET )

For getting around the city public transport is a very good option.

Everything you need to know is avaible under this link 

Welcome to Zagreb!
Nikolina and Bettina


in  Central and Eastern EuropE

A chance to live for all, not a privilege for few.

23rd- 25th June 2017

​​Hotel Dubrovnik, Gajeva ul.1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


MPNEsupport Org 802492-1069, Sweden

Melanoma Patient Network Europe