Surviving Melanoma in Europe.  

Access to prevention, early detection and effective treatment for all.

Melanoma Patient Network Europe

MPNE 2018

Annual conference

16th- 18th March 2018

Marivaux Hotel, Brussels, Belgium​​ 

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​​​​MPNEhubs 2018- by invitation only

Thursday- 15th

arrival MPNE hub advocates


Working Dinner

Friday- 16th 

8.30- 12.30
MPNE hub meeting- for advocates involved in MPNE projects

Agenda shared closer to date.

Main conference


version 2nd January 2018

Friday- 16th March

13.30 - 14.00
MPNE quickstart for newcomers


Gilly Spurrier, MPNE and MelanomeFrance, France

Fredrik Östman, MPNE and Melanomföreningen, Sweden

14.00- 14.45 ​

Workshops 1

14.50- 15.35

Workshops 2

15.35- 16.00

16.00- 16.45

Workshops 3

16.50- 17.30

Workshops 4

17.45- 18.30

Fireside chat

faculty tbc



New World Cafe reception


Welcome Dinner

Saturday- 17TH MARCH

8.45- 9.00

Welcome to the conference and introduction

Bettina Ryll, MPNE

9.00- 10.30 

Session 1- Science for Melanoma patient advocates

​1.1 Why Science matters for Melanoma patients 

Bettina Ryll, MPNE

1.2 How to access Scientific Literature and MPNE resources 

Gilliosa Spurrier, MPNE

1.3 The ESMO Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale, MCBS- an introduction

Elisabeth de Vries

1.4 How to use the MCBS material

Nicola Latino, ESMO

10.30- 11.00


11.00- 12.30 

Session 2- practical exercises: how to read a scientific Melanoma paper

we will work in groups, articles and material will be provided


12.30- 14.00 


14.00- 15.30

Session 3- The latest therapeutic developments in Melanoma

3.1 New ESMO Melanoma guideline
Oliver Michilien tbc

3.2 Intralesional Melanoma therapies

Alexander van Akkoi tbc

3.3 Predicting response to anti-PD1 

Bart Neyns tbc

3.4 When to stop treating?

speaker tbc

​15.30- 16.00


​16.00- 17.30 

Session 4- Overcoming resistance to therapy  

4.1 Resistance to therapy explained

Why do some tumours fail to respond to therapy? Primary versus secondary and mechanisms of resistance.

4.2 Strategies to overcome resistance

4.3 Microbiota and response to immune therapy 



18.30- 20.00

Reception and Poster competition 

Ideas worth sharing- the Melanoma Advocacy Project.

Kari Anne Fervang, Føflekkkreftforeningen, Norway


Conference Dinner

Marivaux Hotel, restaurant

Sunday- 19th MARCH
Advocacy Day

9.00- 9.15

Session 4 

4.1 MPNE - our network, our principles and evidence-based advocacy

Bettina Ryll, MPNE

9.15- 10.30

Workshops 5: Advocacy

10.30- 11.00


11.00- 11.30

Join us for a round of Melanoma Kahoot!
Test your Melanoma knowledge in a team!

11.30- 12.30

The best of the network in 2017

Here from your Melanoma colleagues- talks selected based on abstracts

12.30- 12.45

Closing Session

Conference Summary and Conclusion


Lunch and departure

​We are looking forward to seeing you!

Quickstart for firstcomers 

an introduction to who we are and how our conferences work!